Note from the Founder

Kuchipudi Venkat

Note from the Founder

When I started ULAVACHARU I was a novice in the food industry. I was just a passionate food lover a hobby chef and a host..with the unprecedented success of that I learned more than many things and much more from my American what works and how it works. I understood that it’s a chef-dependent and skill-dominated business..

I realized that It can never grow into a scale.. and why should anyone do a business without a scale and which is largely dependent on the skill of an individual. after all, it’s one life, and a min gone is gone forever. I started to think. If a scale is needed I have to take the dependency and skill out of this business.

And that is what I pursued for years it took a long time thanks to the pandemic and the time it gave..which helped me fine-tune my pursuit which finally give me my #Maredumilligrill which people are loving and it’s really overwhelming. Maredumilli is nonchef dependent .. it just needs a skillless guy with a basic commonsense..90% of the kitchen team of #Maredumilligrill has never worked in a kitchen in their life.

Now, this is what I feel proud of doing and being the first guy ever to do it in the mainstream restaurant business in this WORLD. My critics call me a drifter I am ok with that. I am a drifter with a cause and a drifter who made the restaurant business easy fr ever. For any creator financial success is a need its never the end means. I am no less no more. Thank u all for loving Maredumilli after all nothing can ever be a success in this world without acceptance and ur love. Love U ALL. 🙂

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